Discover the best countries to live well in retirement, with great value. Below, you can check out our list of the least expensive countries to retire near a par 3 golf course. To help you understand where you should consider retiring, we have put together a list of the best countries to retire in peace, for less.

After all, if you are on the fence, and you can afford to jump around and try a couple of different communities. Out for a month or two more power to ya! To help you figure it out, even more, we are going to look closely at the best golf communities for retirement. It is tough to pick just one when looking at the best golf retirement communities in Florida. Plus, the sights are a sight of PGA Tour events as well as RBC Heritage events, making the 33 courses among the best golf retirement communities in South Carolina.

Plenty of private and public courses, country clubs, and resorts provide golf. They also provide other amenities such as high-end restaurants, fitness centres, pools, tennis, pickleball, and social events. Each place offers something different in terms of a friendly game, weather, location, and price. If retirement is on your mind, then you will be happy to know there are many places across the U.S. perfect for retirees just looking to golf. Needless to say, if you are looking to retire to a golf community, chances are that you are going to want to spend the majority of your time at the courses playing golf and enjoying play after play.

One great thing about living in Estancia as a golf retiree is a fact that golf is accessible to you throughout the year. You could choose to live in the country club community during your golden years. In a neighbourhood within walking distance of a golf course. Scottsdale, Arizona, has nearly 200 golf courses and consistent excellent weather from October through April. Scottsdale is an ideal retirement destination. Scottsdale’s population of 250,000 makes it larger than some other golf retirement communities on this list.

Tweed Heads is a region with plenty of wildlife and plants, a sizeable retirement community population. Its median resident age is 54 in 14 retirement villages. Kiawah Island has earned a place as one of the best golf retirement communities in the Southeast. The 2nd best North Carolina golf retirement community on the list. North Cyprus is safe, and beautiful, has amazing beaches, warm summers, gorgeous mountains, golf clubs. All of the essentials for enjoying a relaxing retirement. If you like golf and would like to get your fix, Southeast Asia is also a place to go.

For extra fun, travel is easy and cheap if you are looking to go on golfing excursions at courses that are not close by. With cheap transportation and lower fees, you can afford to golf everywhere you go in Mexico. While golf can turn out to be a prohibitively expensive pastime in North America. At the right places abroad, you can get in on the fun with much lower costs than back home. Read on for our picks for the top three golfing options for your overseas retirement.

Active adults looking to retire to golf heaven. Somewhere they can golf eight months of the year or more. They want to have plenty of options when it comes to retirement communities with golf courses. Across the U.S. Golf communities can be found in nearly every state in the nation. But what you should try to think through are the extra features that you would like to see at your retirement destination. Some of the retirees looking for best and cheapest place to retire and play golf are retiring in Australia. With a lot of incredible places to choose from in this wonderful Southern Land.

Retirement for Golfing in Australia

While retirement in Tasmania is not going to be for everyone. If you’d rather have quiet places with that hometown feeling, then Mornington Peninsula towns might be worth checking out. With affordable accommodation, lots of attractions to explore, and a strong community vibe. Hunter Valley towns can be a good place to look for people hoping to retire to an awesome part of Tasmania. If your love of nature and open spaces is something that you can handle. The cooler weather that you will be experiencing here, the Huon Valley is the perfect place for retirement.

With year-round sun, a cooler climate, and 11 neighbourhoods. Comprised of riverside villages and country districts, Hobart may be the ideal place to retire. Another top-rated cheap retirement destination, which is also earning its reputation as a destination for health tourism is Thailand. It is also the mecca of golf. Among Thailand’s best golfing options is Thailand Country Club. Located a 45-minute drive from Bangkok. If you are planning on playing one of the 11 courses in the Puerto Vallarta region, Nuevo Vallarta, located north of Old Town, puts you right in the middle.

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