Fat Transfer is done to reduce the effects of increasing age. It helps to tighten the skin naturally if any part of your hand or face is showing signs of ageing including loose, hanging skin.

Fat transfer procedure 

Under this procedure, some fat is injected from another part of your body to the required place. This enhances the beauty, and the skin looks young. Fat transfer is done to show more rounded cheeks in the face, a more defined jawline, and smoother skin under the eyes. Another option for enhancing the face (specifically the eyes!) could be the use of coloured contact lenses as these require no needles or medical procedures. 

 Which parts of the body can fat transfer target?

 – The Face. As you get older, the dermis begins to thin. Due to which the face looks thin, and the skin hangs. Fat transfer tightens loose and hanging skin by adding fat, which enhances the beauty, and makes the skin appear more youthful.

 – Buttocks. A butt lift is done to increase the size of the hips and give more of a bulge. In this, the fat is injected into the hips so that it can be seen in the perfect shape.

 – Hands. Fat transfer is done to make the hands appear more youthful and fill the gaps where fat is required. This leads to tightening of the skin on the hands and makes the hands look smoother.

– Hip Enhancement – Fat Transfer is done to make the hips look wider. Women with narrow hips undergo this procedure to see the shape of the body.

– Breast Reconstructions. Fat Transfer is also done in the breast to elevate the breasts. It gives a modest increase in breast size without the use of implants.

 Benefits of Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is a cosmetic treatment that is natural that can be done in different parts and is also safe. Fat Transfer has become a popular procedure for a beautiful face, especially for those who are sensitive and/or prone to allergies, because there is no risk of allergy. The risks of Fat Transfer are low and rare. Inflammation may occur at the affected site, or allergic reactions to anesthesia are possible.

Patient in hospital awaiting treatment

The Downsides

People who are allergic to anaesthesia may have a little trouble later. Therefore, the consultation of the physician and surgeon is necessary.

It is less consistent and less reliable than fillers, the effects may be limited as transferred fat may get absorbed back by the body, and it is more expensive than fillers.

If the cost is something of concern for you, there are cheaper alternatives out there. There are also less invasive procedures on the market. For example, cheap colored contact lenses can create a more youthful look on a budget!

Why are fat injections needed? 

Fat injections can help to reduce the signs of ageing such as loose, hanging skin. It is useful if you are after more permanent results than fillers.

It is for you. If you want to look younger, this injection procedure can be adopted.

However, if this procedure is not for you, why not consider some less-invasive beautification

Process of fat Transfer

In this process, the part to be treated is numbed by giving anesthesia. There is no need to make the patient completely unconscious.

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July 31, 2020