The move has now evolved into a fashion statement, with coloured contacts becoming a crucial component in any makeup, hence being seen as something that improves a person’s eyes’ beauty in order to change the way they look. Apart from providing an almost normal visual experience, colour contacts can also intensify or alter people’s eyes’ colours according to their desired styles, adding unique appeal to their athletic appearance. Since people do not necessarily need to make a big splash with their eye colour when hitting the gym or running drills in the field, Unicoeye suggests wearing colourful contacts that either approximately match their natural eye colour or slightly enhance it.

If you are looking to experiment with different eye colours while looking natural, for instance, you could opt for contacts that are grey or green, if your natural eye colour is blue. If you are wearing a cold-toned outfit or pink, put blue-coloured contacts over them so that your eyes pop out and are more expressive. Since the region is made of colourful shapes and lines, some colour contacts have several small, coloured dots as well as lines and colour shapes that will help your lenses appear more natural on the eyes.

Unlike round-style lenses that have an eye-enlargement effect, normal-coloured contacts have a more natural-looking outer edge that changes the iris colour slightly. If you are looking for coloured contacts that both enlarge the eye’s iris as well as change its colour, then circle lenses give you the bold claim to make the eyes appear larger.

In addition to allowing, you to alter the natural colour of the iris, Desio contacts can allow you more sophisticated dioptric adjustments. Custom-coloured lenses can even disguise congenital defects in your eyes or injuries in your eyes or imitate the look of healthy pupils.

As responsible practitioners of eye care, opticians are now considering the established fact that not every client purchasing a colour contact lens kit will require it to correct their eyesight, and therefore, they may or may not know proper use. Opticians, which play key roles in cosmetic coloured contact lenses markets, have always been kept up-to-date with trends in order to cater for the needs of customers, and choices are also now being opened to the idea of having colour contacts available in a range of colours and styles, since this is an increasing trend amongst individuals who may or may not require eye-corrective lenses, but want to experiment with the various colours in their eyes, with an aim of experimenting with their looks.

Opticians, who have a key role to play in the cosmetic colour lens market, have always been well-updated with the trends to serve the customer’s needs and choices and are now also opening up to the idea of stocking colour contact lenses in different colours and styles since it is a growing rage amongst people who may or may not need vision corrective lenses but do want to try on different colours on their eyes with an objective to experiment with their looks. If you are someone with 20/20 vision who wants to dress up their eyes in character for cosplay, Halloween, or for any type of event, or simply want a different colour but are not looking to get vision corrected, then non-prescription coloured contacts are an excellent choice for people looking to alter the colour of their eyes without needing to get a different look. If you are looking to pick coloured contacts for everyday use, whether that is to go to work or school, you are better off using monthly lenses, as having to regularly change out new ones can get quite expensive.

Colored contacts are just as safe to wear as regular contacts, provided that you do not wear them excessively, practice good hygiene, and use them according to the recommendations of your eye doctor. With advances in optical technology in recent years, colour contacts are now accessible for anyone, even available in disposable, everyday form, so if you would like piercing blue eyes just like Daniel Craig, the late James Bond, simply slip on blue eye contact. If you are looking for a really personalized look, some contact lens manufacturers specialise in creating customized coloured shades of both prescription and non-prescription contacts.

If you have red hair or any vibrant colour, go with dark colour lenses like brown or grey, unless you want to appear overly vibrant due to the number of vibrant colours you wear.

Bright colours may cause eyes to stand out more if you have darker skin. If you have lighter eyes, going with darker colours such as browns or greys may bring you out in new ways you cannot help but notice. When in doubt, go with brown-coloured eyeglasses because it is the most versatile among them and they can easily be styled with every outfit that you own in your wardrobe.

People looking to improve their everyday appearance or experiment with different shades of eyes may opt for colourful contacts for a variety of activities including everyday living, weddings, friends’ parties, costume parties, or even for exercising outdoors. Changing eye colour has become a part of daily beauty routines for many celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, who use makeup-coloured contacts to dress for daily use, as well as to dress for special occasions such as Halloween. Expressing one’s personality better, changing one’s appearance to suit the current trend, the season, or mood, or just having different looks for each occasion, is for many women (and men) a dream come true with Desio contacts.

Not only can colourful contacts be used to improve your appearance, but they can allow you to express your emotions without using your lips — after all, our eyes speak louder than words.

From natural colours to Dramatic styles, you can easily change the look of your eyes into any colour that you want thanks to the large selection of eye contact lenses available at Pinkyparadise. Then make sure to take a look at our collection of printed lenses, which are packed with dozens of stunning, complex patterns that’ll instantly boost and transform your appearance. Whatever colour combination you choose, you will be looking your best for any occasion thanks to the all-new frames from Hubble.

These glasses come in three different colour schemes and are the perfect size for the average frame. We all know that clear-coloured frames are the hot item of the year. Cat-eye frames used to be the hot item in glasses, but they recently made their way into sunglasses with some flashy style.

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