You’re not as unhealthy as you may think. People do some ‘weird’ stuff to stay healthy, but here are two of the most unexpected ways that keep you healthy in body and mind.

The health advantages of calling your mother

You are an adult. You can deal with this. You do not have to run to mummy over a lousy day at work. It turns out there are health advantages of calling your mum.

A study published in Proceedings B by researchers in the University of Wisconsin Madison set a group of girls ages seven to 12 via a stressful undertaking. It then split them into three classes: The first had 15 minutes in person with their mums, the second called their mums ,and the previous one watched a movie. Researchers found that levels of oxytocin (the happy hormone linked to psychological bonding), were raised in the groups that had physical contact with their mothers and people who just talked to Mom on the phone.

The health benefits of feeling independent in your relationship

We all know relationships are not always ideal, and you may believe that not doing something with your spouse every day is bad for your relationship. However, it turns out there’s something to be said for a little independence. Couples that are attached at the hip could be putting themselves at higher risk of cardiovascular issues.

Individuals felt or who like their nearest and dearest could leave them may wind up getting a broken heart, says a new study by the American Psychological Association.