Warming up before you exercise, particularly before engaging in strenuous activity, has very real physiological, and frequently psychological benefits. Here is what to know to get the most from your warm-up.

Here are the particulars of what happens to your body in a warm-up:

Muscle temperature increases:

Warm muscles both contract more forcefully and relaxes faster, decreasing the danger of overstretching a muscle and causing harm.
Your total body temperature also increases.

Enhances muscle elasticity:

This may increase strength and speed. As blood temperature goes up, the binding of oxygen to haemoglobin weakens so oxygen is more readily available to working muscles, which might improve endurance.

Blood vessels dilate:

This increases blood circulation and puts less strain on the heart.

The range of movement increases:

This allows your muscles (like your shoulders and knees) to achieve their maximum movement possible.

Consider warming up in a variety of ways, at different intensities, until you discover what works best for you.