If you are an endurance athlete pushing for your very best performance potential, then trendy diets like keto or Whole30 are not on our recommendation lists. We talked to a few experts, and all of us agree: it’s time to give up those diet fads, once and for all. (It is worth noting that if any of these diets do work for you, you do not have to stop cold-turkey. Different things work for different folks. Consult your doctor to be certain you are properly looking after your body’s needs, preventing food allergies and so on

Here’s the list of two fad diets that you should throw out in 2020.


Just a little refresher for you: The objective of the paleo diet would be to revert to how our ancestors ate, i.e. hunter-gatherer style. But if you are on a long ride or pushing your limit at the end of a race, your bag of carrots or almonds is just going to get you to a certain level and then stop working.


There is no doubt that this diet has helped a lot of individuals reevaluate their nutrition options, but is it useful for athletes? Goodson and Rizzo concur that the Whole30’s limitation is not easy to follow, whether you are an athlete or not.