Exercise is considered essential especially during challenging times. Staying active while we are all social distancing ourselves from each other during this pandemic can be hard. The recommendation is that you need to be doing a combination of both cardio and strength exercises to keep you healthy and strong during the isolation process. One of the strongest exercise routines for the body and recommended by physios is to practice online pilates classes. This doesn’t have to be a strict regime, you can do what works and interests you most under the current circumstances. 

Here is some advice on ways you can remain strong and healthy during isolation:

Set out a regular time.

Choose an exercise activity that you enjoy the most and aim to carry that out at the same set time each day. You might want to take a walk around your garden several times, join a pilates online class,  or do some aerobic exercises outside in the evening; whatever the activity is by doing it at the same time each day you will create a healthy routine. This also helps with creating a boundary between home and work by having a scheduled time you commit to and forces you to have a break from work and domestic duties.

Challenge your friends and family.

Depending on where you are located in the world, you may be able to start a workout routine daily or weekly with a friend or relative. It is a great way to have fun and also catch up with them all while exercising. Now due to the isolation rules and social distancing, this can also be achieved via skype or zoom calls if you can’t physically meet them. We suggest you make a leaderboard and track your results through the isolation period.

Getting outdoors.

Going outdoors means that you are getting a sensory experience along with healthy fresh air which you won’t get from sitting inside all day. You can exercise in your own garden or even out the front of your house and get your neighbors involved too. Maybe set up a street exercise session where everyone does the exercises in front of their home for a bit of fun and exercise all while abiding by the social distancing laws.

Eating healthy.

It is essential to eat healthily. While in isolation you can try out some new recipes and even do some video call cooking with friends or family. There are plenty of supermarkets and fresh produce places that are offering delivery, so there is no excuse not to be eating healthy food whilst in isolation. Eating home-cooked meals that are nutritious are essential for your immune system; it can even keep everyone entertained by getting the children involved in the preparation and they have a chance to cook what they want to eat. There is a variety of food out there and an endless amount of recipes that can be sourced online. From breakfast meals to snacks and sweets for the kids to enjoy.

With all the extra anxiety and stress that we are facing with the virus outbreak, it is essential to take care of your mind and body. It is time to think about our lifestyle habits and try to use this forced situation as a good opportunity to get rid of your bad habits and bring in some healthier options for both exercise and eating. It is easy to stay strong and healthy; you just need to be motivated to get on the right track. By filling your time with the right exercise and nutrition so you can come out of isolation even healthier and stronger than you were before. Surprise your friends and family with a brand new, improved you post isolation!


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July 31, 2020